The Collinsville Knights of Columbus Council No. 1712 was instituted on October 5, 1913. The charter for Council 1712 was issued by the Supreme Council on December 14, 1913. The Two men who took the deepest interest in the organization of the Council were  Frank Dooner and Anthon Staten.  District Deputy John R. Kelleher, of Granite City, had direction of the preliminary organization.  At the time of the installation of the Council the officers of the Edwardsville Council exemplified the first degree, and the officers of the East St.Louis Council the second degree.  The major degree was conferred by John R. Kelleher, District Deputy, of Granite City.  State  Deputy LeRoy Hackett as present, directing and assisting in the work.  The principal officers elected at the time of the installation were: 

Grand Knight - D.P. Shea

Deputy Grand Knight - Frank Dooner  

Chancellor - August C. Lohmann

Financial Secretary - D.P. Shea Jr.

Treasurer - I.W. Wilshire

Recorder - William F.Niehaus

Chaplain - Rev A. M. Jarchke   

Trustees - James Purcell

                William Oberneuferman

                William Hedden

                Phillip Rarrick

                J.E. Spalding

Though a small council, Collinsville took an active part in all of the work of the Order since is has been instituted, and has given special attention to the distribution of Catholic books and periodicals.  The members of  the Council were instrumental in the organization of the Red Cross Chapter in the City.  Forty-nine members of the council were in the service during WW1 and four of these, GeorgeW. Ganninger, Bernard T. Rissi, John J. Snadden, and Joseph Verneuil gave their lives.  The Council had 165 members on April 1, 1921.

On May 8, 1951 the Collins Club, Inc. was formed at the  direction of Knights of Columbus Supreme as a 501(c)2 Corporation.  The Collins Club, Inc. is owned by share holders, made up entirely of the members of the Knights of Columbus Council 1712 and managed by an elected board of directors who have complete responsibility and control of the building and grounds of the K C Hall, first at 526 Vandalia Street and now at One Columbus Plaza in Collinsville, IL.